Why A Full LinkedIn Profile Is Important

Many online business owners create profiles all over the Internet but never actually finish making them, or do anything with them. If you really want to be successful in your business it is important to not get distracted by “shiny object” syndrome. Instead, try to focus on what works, and do what works, very well. One of the networking sites that really works is LinkedIn.com. LinkedIn.com is a very professional business networking site that can be very useful for an online business owner to use.

However, if you don’t fill out your profile all the way, no one will really know what you can offer them. The profile on LinkedIn.com has every aspect of your business, your education, current and former employment listed. When you open a LinkedIn.com account, fill out a complete profile. Include your education, your experience, and very importantly, a professional profile picture.

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Like with your resume, use professional action words to describe what you do. Include links to examples of your work. Include as much as you reasonably can and most importantly, be yourself. Do not try to be anonymous on LinkedIn.com. If you’re anonymous and do not have a good picture and a completely filled out profile you will not be taken seriously. Think about it, who do you want to do business with? Someone who hides who they are, or someone who is open about who they are? Who are you going to trust?

As part of your profile try to get as many recommendations as you can from former employers, clients current and former, and colleagues. Having this type of information will fill out your profile and make you more interesting to people who are searching profiles for possible business partners. It looks good if you also give recommendations to people you’ve worked with.

It’s also important to add people to your connections. The more impressive your connections the more impressive your profile will be to potential clients or JV partners. As an online business owner LinkedIn.com is one of the most useful of all the “social media” marketing channels that you can use because it is so professional in nature. You will be taken seriously if you make LinkedIn.com the hub of your social media marketing.
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