Google +: Insider Tips on Google’s Social Networking Platform

Google + has been in operation since September 20th 2011 when it was first launched as a competing social networking platform to Facebook. It is Google’s fourth attempt to get a foothold into the social networking arena which Facebook dominates. Previous attempts have failed so it will be interesting to see if Google + really [...]

Title Tags For Dummies: Getting the Basics Right


Introduction A key element of optimising your website is to ensure you get your title tags right as it is a fundamental component of any SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) campaign for getting your website ranked properly on the SERPS. It is critical to get your title tags correct as search engines use the text within [...]

Facebook’s Timeline: Insider Tips on working your way around the new Timeline

facebook cover image

What is it? Timeline is a completely new webpage design from Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg CEO announced the new design at their annual conference last year. He said: “Millions of people curate stories of their lives on Facebook every day and have no way to share them once they fall off your profile page…we have been [...]

SEO Marketing Strategy: Communicating Effectively with Your Marketplace

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Introduction: So what is SEO? In short, SEO is “the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via “natural”, or un-paid “organic” search results. (Wikipedia) Why SEO? Organisations who operate within a B2B marketplace rely heavily on the strength of their sales teams to go out and [...]

Search Engine Optimization Vrs Paid Search: Which To Choose?


As a search engine marketing company, we are often asked by clients and prospects which is better, should we choose Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or go for paid advertising, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) traffic. Do we have a preferance of one over the other or whats our thinking when it comes to organic search engine optimization and [...]

Social Media – 5 Great Tips For Your Business

Social media…There is plenty of buzz around it but, you may be wondering “What can it do for my business and more importantly, how can I utilise it in my business operations?” Well the best way to start to explain why you should be focused on Social Media is with a story. Think back to [...]

Google Adwords Campaign Management – Major Mistakes Most People Make

Most mistakes people make in their Google AdWords campaign managements are pretty common, and 90 percent of Google campaigns can be greatly improved with less than an hour of effort. You can save yourself hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of euros, depending of course on your adwords spend, in the hour you spend following [...]