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social media sites iconsConsumers today have near perfect access to product and price information. They can constantly tap into whatever their closest confidants and trusted peers think about a particular product or service and they can do it whenever and wherever they want. This certainly presents brands with new challenges, yet it also presents a tremendous opportunity to forge deeper relationships with consumers than ever before.

We excel at finding your customers, understanding what motivates them and building and executing strategies that bring them closer to your brand where they’re spending their time. It’s not about a Facebook strategy or a Twitter strategy or being on Foursquare. It’s about connecting with consumers and providing a value exchange that encourages them to engage in a dialogue and develop a relationship with you. It’s about moving beyond the campaign to building relationship programs that will drive business objectives.

What are some of the benefits you might ask, to your organisation, by engaging in Social Media as one of your marketing channels? What a great question, and the answers are many, but here are some of the more compelling:

  • An Increased awareness of your organisation and stronger brand recognition.
  • Increased levels of traffic to your website. Allowing you the opportunity to convert these visitors to customers.
  • Social media allows your organisation to achieve a more favorable perceptions of your brand in your marketplace.
  • Gives you the ability to monitor conversations about your organisation.
  • Able to develop highly targeted marketing activities giving your organisation a greater return on investment.
  • Better understanding of customers perceptions of your brand.

social media marketing dublinTake the guess work out of your social media marketing strategy. We make the choice easy. Superior Internet Marketing is the leader in online marketing that adds a social media marketing flavor. As an online viral marketing agency we harness the power of your online marketing strategy and build media channels in the most powerful website on the Internet. If you are not sure what this means…then we need to talk!

Superior Powered Online Marketing with ROI

Are you looking to launch a new campaign or even refresh your online marketing strategy and want to make your internet business explode with intense results? We measure our success and the impact of our campaigns with our proven 5 point return on investment (ROI) model. You will see results within the first 90 days of working with us. We will:

    1. Increase mentions online through publishing of content on multiple online sources and create inbound links to website
    2. Improve overall keyword rankings and specifically the top landing pages
    3. Increase traffic to website
    4. Build an online community through social media marketing
    5. Help create inquiries and awareness of online brand

Our team comprises some of the most creative and experienced social strategists, digital publicists, community managers and digital developers in the industry. They’ve created and executed hundreds of social programs, worked on and managed some of the largest brand social communities in the world and devised strategies for marketers looking to join or expand their brand in social spaces.

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