Facebook : Built On Brand Loyalty Or Just A Faceless Monopoly?

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  They say that every brand needs a personality to really secure its brand loyalty with consumers. The issue with Facebook is that it doesn’t have just one clear brand personality. Facebook profiles are a highly personalised online space with many treating it as their personal diary. Facebook belongs to the people, to it’s users. [...]

LinkedIn: Making the most of LinkedIn to improve your credibility in your industry


Introduction LinkedIn is one of the most powerful online social networking sites at the moment. According to LinkedIn themselves the site generates approximately 19 million users and with a representation from 150 industries. As a result, LinkedIn is a great networking tool for companies to use. This article will attempt to outline the benefits of [...]

Harnessing The True Business Value Of Twitter

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Entering the world of Twitter or indeed any social media platform can be a very daunting prospect particularly for the average small to medium business owner. A common argument that often rears it’s head amongst the inexperienced is that Twitter is merely a form of escapism for many wishing to post a litany of random [...]

Social Media Management:Get in the Loop as to why you should consider it for your business

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Introduction: The use of social media is a must for companies today. As a business, it is very important to tap into online conversations about your own brand in addition to those of your competitors, your industry and your areas of expertise. The more open, transparent and engaging your company can be with your social [...]

Mobiles & Smart Phones: Making the most of mobile marketing


Introduction In Ireland today, the Commission for Communication Regulation estimates mobile phone penetration at 121.5% with over 5.2 million mobile subscribers. In today’s business world, companies scramble at every given opportunity to find ways of effectively communicating with their consumers. Mobile marketing is being increasingly used by companies in order to communicate and engage with [...]

How To Make The Most Of The Twitter Advertising Platform


It was only a matter of time before Twitter followed in the footsteps of it’s social media counterparts such as Facebook & took the plunge into the realm of paid advertising. Some initially argued that the advertising platform would interfere with the fundamental concept of Twitter being a protected outlet created purely for open public [...]

Facebook For Business Part 1: Key Inside Tips

Facebook was set up by Mark Zuckerberg eight years ago with some of his college friends at Harvard. Initially, the website’s membership was limited to Harvard students only, but was then extended to other colleges in the US. The rest as they say is history, and its meteoric success is nothing short of staggering, so [...]

The Changing Face of Metrics in Digital Marketing


As companies invest a greater portion of their branding budget in digital advertising, marketers are facing increased pressure to prove digital’s branding effectiveness both as a single channel and also in tandem with broader, traditional marketing channels. Many have quickly discovered that measuring a digital campaign’s success is no easy task. “Digital’s legacy of direct-response [...]

Website Design & SEO: Redesigning Your Website To Get Better Results

Introduction Most companies employ a web designer to create their website thinking the job is done when they see a lovely swanky website created for them in place of their old outdated site. It is crucial to have a website that is designed in such a way that it will keep the end user engaged. [...]

Is Content Driven Marketing the way forward?


Most digital marketers understand the importance of coming up with new & innovative ways to improve their ranking & overall website performance. Whilst brainstorming over a client’s digital marketing strategy do you ever stop to think ‘people these days know when they are being sold to.’ In recent years the online shopper has evolved from [...]

Twitter: Getting Your Head Around its Syntax

For the purposes of understanding the power behind “Twitter”, I have decided to write my blog article this week on this popular social networking platform. Given that it has been a nemesis for some of our political friends in recent times, it demonstrates the power that social media has in Irish society today. This article [...]

The ‘Measurability Factor’

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The ‘Measurability Factor’   When I think of digital marketing & it’s key benefits one of the first things that springs to mind is the word ‘measurable’. In fact this powerful advantage is one of the main differences between digital marketing & it’s less quantifiable counterpart of traditional marketing. Indeed there is alot of evidence [...]