Digital Marketing Seminars


Superior Internet Marketing also hold monthly seminars that are free to business owners. The seminars touch on a variety of digital marketing topics such as SEO Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Adwords Marketing, Introduction to Digital Marketing and Digital Marketing Trends. We here at Superior Internet Marketing believe that education and training is very important in this ever changing digital marketing environment.

Is Content Driven Marketing the way forward?


Most digital marketers understand the importance of coming up with new & innovative ways to improve their ranking & overall website performance. Whilst brainstorming over a client’s digital marketing strategy do you ever stop to think ‘people these days know when they are being sold to.’ In recent years the online shopper has evolved from [...]

5 Guidelines for Off-Page Optimisation


In my last Blog post I explained On-Page Optimisation and what needs to be done on your website for it to be fully optimised. So now I will talk more about Off-Page Optimisation, which as I said accounts for 70% of your Search Engine Optimisation. So if you want to appear on the first page [...]

Article Marketing – An Affordable Marketing Channel

Everybody knows that marketing is very important if you want your business to grow and keep up in this competitive environment. Many small businesses are suffering and feel that they can’t afford marketing for their company. And this is where I disagree with them, because there are ways that you can market your business without [...]