E-Commerce Tracking In Google Analytics

E-commerce Tracking

As Business Owners and webmasters of E-Commerce site, being able to determine where the majority of your revenue is coming from, the value of those purchases, what products your customers are buying, the number of purchase orders, the average order value and revenue from each of those purchases, total number of web-based sales, conversion rates [...]

Google Analytics Real Time Feature

Google Analytics Real Time

Google Real Time, is a real time tracking feature in the Google Analytics Interface. Although the tool is still in Beta and providing limited capabilities, the tool allows you to see what website visitors are doing, to identify the number of active visitors, the number of pageviews, the top referrals, geographic locations, map insertions and [...]

Campaign Tracking In Google Analytics

Campaign Tracking

  Tracking marketing & campaign activity is very important for any business regardless of industry. Google Analytics tracks traffic to your website from two basic referring sources: •    organic – (direct, referral, search) •    paid When a user reaches your website from either one of these sources, the user is tagged with a campaign tracking [...]