How To Make The Most Of The Twitter Advertising Platform


It was only a matter of time before Twitter followed in the footsteps of it’s social media counterparts such as Facebook & took the plunge into the realm of paid advertising. Some initially argued that the advertising platform would interfere with the fundamental concept of Twitter being a protected outlet created purely for open public [...]

Facebook For Business Part 1: Key Inside Tips

Facebook was set up by Mark Zuckerberg eight years ago with some of his college friends at Harvard. Initially, the website’s membership was limited to Harvard students only, but was then extended to other colleges in the US. The rest as they say is history, and its meteoric success is nothing short of staggering, so [...]

Google +: Insider Tips on Google’s Social Networking Platform

Google + has been in operation since September 20th 2011 when it was first launched as a competing social networking platform to Facebook. It is Google’s fourth attempt to get a foothold into the social networking arena which Facebook dominates. Previous attempts have failed so it will be interesting to see if Google + really [...]

SEO Marketing Strategy: Communicating Effectively with Your Marketplace

google serp results

Introduction: So what is SEO? In short, SEO is “the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via “natural”, or un-paid “organic” search results. (Wikipedia) Why SEO? Organisations who operate within a B2B marketplace rely heavily on the strength of their sales teams to go out and [...]

On Page Optimization (Part 1): The Importance of good Title Tag Structure:

Title Tag 1

I recently had the task of doing some major on page optimisation modifications for a client and I thought it might be a good idea if I shared a few insights to the importance of having good quality on page optimisation. It is estimated by some SEO experts that on page optimisation factors account for [...]