SEO Basics Every Website Owner Should Know

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SEO will always be a vital component of your Internet marketing campaign. In actual fact SEO should be a vital and core component in your overall marketing strategy. So the very first step of getting your website on the search engine listings alone is a good sign that your site will one day receive organic traffic which is basically traffic coming from the search engines.

Search engine optimization is a field requiring much study and skill if you want to become excellent at. There is a lot of knowledge regarding SEO that most people will never acquire. This is a complicated industry that changes a lot and can be difficult to keep ahead of all of the changing trends.

On Page SEO (Part2) :Meta Description Tags

In my last post I touched on some of the factors that make Title Tags such an important part of your on page SEO strategy. Today I will examine in more depth the importance of Meta Description Tags an important but not essential on page SEO element you should think about when you are organising [...]