Google DoubleClick Ad Planner

Google AdClick Planner

When it comes to online advertising, it is crucial that advertisers target the right audience, reach and communicate through the right mediums and channels and understand their target market behaviour and trends. In media planning there are 3 key challenges; Reach = Finding enough sites that work for your campaign Relevance = Confident that sites [...]

Save Money With Google Adwords Bidding Strategy

Google Adwords Bidding - Max Profitable CPA

When it comes to Pay Per Click Advertising and Google Adwords, many companies fail because they have not set out a solid bidding strategy or estimated a structured budget and bidding mechanism. Identifying scenarios such as when to bid, by how much and how to know when to either raise or lower the bid are [...]

Tips For Enhancing Your PPC Campaigns

Pay Per Click Advertising - PPC

Pay Per Click Advertising can be a great means of generating return on investment but it requires control and efficient monitoring in order to keep budgets in check and campaigns optimised. Here are some tips to help you maximize your ROI & minimize your risk.   Pre-Campaign In order to have a successful Pay Per [...]