LinkedIn: Making the most of LinkedIn to improve your credibility in your industry


Introduction LinkedIn is one of the most powerful online social networking sites at the moment. According to LinkedIn themselves the site generates approximately 19 million users and with a representation from 150 industries. As a result, LinkedIn is a great networking tool for companies to use. This article will attempt to outline the benefits of [...]

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Top tips to improve your Company LinkedIn Page


This week I was doing some work on our company LinkedIn page so I thought why not share my top tips on improving your company page, get them recommendations and increase followers. LinkedIn is a business-related social media network, why not use it to market your company effectively especially if you work in a B2B environment. Here are some top tips to improve your brand awareness and increase followers free of charge.

Company logo as profile picture
Get your followers familiar with your brand by having your logo as the first thing they see on the page. Ensure its of good quality. Ask your graphic designer to help you out.

Develop overview content
Building out this tab is a great way to highlight and promote your company. Its the first thing visitors read so keep it informative and interesting. Give a brief background on company including it’s history and culture.

Develop products and services content
Building out this tab is essential to highlight and promote your products and services. Here you should include all the products and services your company has to offer. Giving the most clear and concise description of what you do or sell. Keep it to the point and snappy. Include a video where possible (we will discuss this in more detail below). Always redirect them to your website for more information. You can also use this area to display any online promotions or offers you’ve got going on such as seminars, webinars, ebooks, free trials, free reports or other content to support lead generation.

Has Facebook’s BranchOut Killed LinkedIn?

BranchOut Article

Whether you are a jobseeker or an employer it is essential to get out there and expand your professional profile in any way you can. The famous LinkedIn is well known to do just that but now BranchOut has launched on Facebook. Has it dominated LinkedIn?

What is BranchOut?

BranchOut is a brand new Facebook application to help users expand their professional networks, helping them find jobs, sales leads, and new hires. It was founded in July 2010 by Rick Marini. The big and perhaps different idea about BranchOut is you are only one or two steps away from somebody that has your dream job. BranchOut’s CEO Rick Marini created this application with the belief that it’s not what you know it’s who you know. It offers a lot of the same functionalities of LinkedIn but with the added bonus that it’s integrated with your Facebook profile. This is a huge bonus as let’s face it who doesn’t have a Facebook profile, therefore opening you up to hundreds of more connections.

LinkedIn Marketing for Business 7 Actions to Take Now

Linkedin For Business

1. Create a Profile – When you create your LinkedIn profile make sure you fill it all the way out. Include everything you can to ensure that you have a professional sounding and looking profile. Include a professional headshot, your resume, your experience, what you do now, and feed your professional blog into your profile page.

2. Import Contacts – After you’ve finished creating your profile all the way, import your contacts and then choose the ones you want to add to your connections. Choose your connections wisely. More connections is not always better. You want colleagues, and your target market to connect with you. So, don’t just add anyone, be choosey.

Successful Online Networking with LinkedIn

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Social media networking, online networking, forum networking — You’re supposed to do a little networking on a daily basis, but are you placing your concentration in the wrong place? If you spend most of your day on Facebook instead of using LinkedIn, yes you are. is an online professional networking site that should not be ignored. Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites are fine to participate in, but no other is as professional as

Using Questions and Answers on LinkedIn to Market your Online Business

using Linkedin answers

One of the best ways to establish yourself as an expert in your niche besides blogging daily is to answer questions on has an “answer” area where all the questions asked within various groups, both opened and closed, are listed if you do a search with your keywords in the answer category.

Choose the questions you want to answer carefully. Pick a question that you truly know the answers to like you know your own handwriting. If you’re not sure about something skip it and move on to a different question.

Why A Full LinkedIn Profile Is Important


Many online business owners create profiles all over the Internet but never actually finish making them, or do anything with them. If you really want to be successful in your business it is important to not get distracted by “shiny object” syndrome. Instead, try to focus on what works, and do what works, very well. [...]