The Google Sandbox Effect

google sandbox

The Google Sandbox Effect is defined as the situation where the results of Google’s main ranking algorithms are initially inhibited when applied to a new property due to one or more temporal algorithm procedures taking effect. Put simply, when it’s obvious your recently launched site deserves a decent rank based on typical factors, but instead it’s nowhere to be seen.

The Changing Face of Metrics in Digital Marketing


As companies invest a greater portion of their branding budget in digital advertising, marketers are facing increased pressure to prove digital’s branding effectiveness both as a single channel and also in tandem with broader, traditional marketing channels. Many have quickly discovered that measuring a digital campaign’s success is no easy task. “Digital’s legacy of direct-response [...]

Website Design & SEO: Redesigning Your Website To Get Better Results

Introduction Most companies employ a web designer to create their website thinking the job is done when they see a lovely swanky website created for them in place of their old outdated site. It is crucial to have a website that is designed in such a way that it will keep the end user engaged. [...]

The ‘Measurability Factor’

Measurable Outcomes

The ‘Measurability Factor’   When I think of digital marketing & it’s key benefits one of the first things that springs to mind is the word ‘measurable’. In fact this powerful advantage is one of the main differences between digital marketing & it’s less quantifiable counterpart of traditional marketing. Indeed there is alot of evidence [...]

How to make your Videos SEO friendly

Video SEO

Online video marketing is the latest internet phenomenon with YouTube being the second largest search engine platform behind Google. A recent study showed that 70.8% of internet users watch online videos daily. 48 hours of video are uploaded to You Tube every minute, resulting in nearly 8 years of content uploaded every day. It’s not enough to just have a great quality video with good content, you must optimise your videos to boost maximum viewing and get it ranked on the major search engines.

Why make your videos SEO friendly?

Video SEO must be implemented to ensure that the search engines find your video content, index it, and display it when specific keywords are entered as search terms. With traditional web pages, Google crawls them to discover and index web content. Unfortunately, Google can’t read Flash very well (yet), and as a result, most video content is invisible to Google’s search crawlers, therefore it is essential to optimise the videos in every way we can.

Website Structuring

Site Structure

Structuring of websites is an important aspect in terms of SEO. Not only in terms of generating a better link structure and capacity to help rankings but also it can generate and encourage traffic growth & enhance user experience and conversions. Site Structure can be divided up into 4 main sections, which are as follows; [...]

Title Tags For Dummies: Getting the Basics Right


Introduction A key element of optimising your website is to ensure you get your title tags right as it is a fundamental component of any SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) campaign for getting your website ranked properly on the SERPS. It is critical to get your title tags correct as search engines use the text within [...]

Keyword Structuring For A Link Building Strategy

Structuring Keywords Process

When it comes to SEO and Link Building, the selection but also structuring of your keywords is critical. The following article will just delve into some methods to help you structure your keywords and provide some tips to help you achieve greater success. Keyword Strategy & Process   Map Out A Clear Strategy Firstly it [...]

301 Redirects: The Importance of Not Messing up!!


I’ve recently had the pleasure of making quite a few on page search engine optimisation changes to websites for some clients over recent weeks. Most of this recent on page work involved straight forward adjustments to title tags, meta tags and changes to the body of content on websites. However I have also had to [...]

What To Do If You See A Drop In Your Rankings


Ok, so you have been working hard at improving your rankings for your keywords through SEO, and during the course of one of your regular checks on your keyword placement you notice a drastic drop off in your position(s). How has this happened and more importantly what can you now do about this? Has all of your time and effort been wasted?

Well, it is not uncommon for search engine rankings to drop off and the reason for this can be many…anything from a server issue, to your website being hacked to a change in the search engine algorithim.

SEO Marketing Strategy: Communicating Effectively with Your Marketplace

google serp results

Introduction: So what is SEO? In short, SEO is “the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via “natural”, or un-paid “organic” search results. (Wikipedia) Why SEO? Organisations who operate within a B2B marketplace rely heavily on the strength of their sales teams to go out and [...]

Sandbox Effect: What is the Sandbox?

The Google Sandbox Dublin

Google representatives have publicly denied its existence but some of their lower-level employees have implied it does exist. Search engine optimization experts swear Google uses this tactic but cannot prove it. What is “it”? The Sandbox.

The Sandbox is a term search engine optimization marketers use to describe the time their websites spend waiting to advance to the ‘grown-up’ table at Google. In other words, Google makes new websites wait in the sandbox until they have matured or added significant age to the website before they will give them a ranking.