Facebook : Built On Brand Loyalty Or Just A Faceless Monopoly?

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  They say that every brand needs a personality to really secure its brand loyalty with consumers. The issue with Facebook is that it doesn’t have just one clear brand personality. Facebook profiles are a highly personalised online space with many treating it as their personal diary. Facebook belongs to the people, to it’s users. [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising

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Facebook Advertising allows you to target a precise audience for your ad from an audience of up to 800 million people. The unique feature Facebook has is it lets you reach your target customers by selecting your audience based on age, location and interests. Facebook advertising is very cost effective. It allows you to set the daily budget you are comfortable with, adjust your daily budget at any time and you only pay when people click (CPC) or see your advert (CPM).

Has Facebook’s BranchOut Killed LinkedIn?

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Whether you are a jobseeker or an employer it is essential to get out there and expand your professional profile in any way you can. The famous LinkedIn is well known to do just that but now BranchOut has launched on Facebook. Has it dominated LinkedIn?

What is BranchOut?

BranchOut is a brand new Facebook application to help users expand their professional networks, helping them find jobs, sales leads, and new hires. It was founded in July 2010 by Rick Marini. The big and perhaps different idea about BranchOut is you are only one or two steps away from somebody that has your dream job. BranchOut’s CEO Rick Marini created this application with the belief that it’s not what you know it’s who you know. It offers a lot of the same functionalities of LinkedIn but with the added bonus that it’s integrated with your Facebook profile. This is a huge bonus as let’s face it who doesn’t have a Facebook profile, therefore opening you up to hundreds of more connections.

Facebook’s Timeline: Insider Tips on working your way around the new Timeline

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What is it? Timeline is a completely new webpage design from Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg CEO announced the new design at their annual conference last year. He said: “Millions of people curate stories of their lives on Facebook every day and have no way to share them once they fall off your profile page…we have been [...]

Facebook Marketing With The Help of Enhanced Statistical Tools

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Facebook is one of the leading websites for social networking in the international market. This website is being used by over millions of users from every corner of this globe. Not only by youngsters, but numerous business owners have also started using this social networking website. They mainly focus on this website with the core [...]

Learn The Benefits of Facebook Marketing

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Facebook marketing has become very famous these days due to its numerous benefits. There are thousands of business entrepreneurs who have started to see the major benefits of using Facebook as a marketing platform. Apart from use Facebook as a place to connect with and interact with family and friends, you can also use facebook as a serious lead generation tool for your business.

Facebook is fast becoming one of the greatest resources for generating awareness of your brand in both a domestic and international market. Because of the way Facebook works you can use it to very effectively to segment who it is you want to get in front of with your brand or offer, that closely matches what those users are looking for. From there you can then begin building strong relationships with your prospects and customers also.

Facebook Ads for Market Research

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There’s been heavy buzz about Facebook ads – and with good reason. Created properly, they can be an effective tool in rocketing your popularity like a meteor, or branding your business.

But almost no one talks about using Facebook ads in reverse – as a source of valid ideas for market research.

Think about it. If a subject is on Facebook, and it’s got an ad, it’s likely viable. Are there groups? Fans? Often you can find out exactly how many Facebook fans a strong group or website in your niche actually has.

You can also see if people are actually interested in a particular product; how passionate they are about the subject; and what age group, gender, education background and more its members display in their profile.

10 Tips For Creating Effective Facebook Ads

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If you decide to use Facebook ads, there a few things you should have in mind. First, you need to understand what Facebook is about. It is where people come to socialise with their friends, which can be compared to a coffee shop. Individuals are not necessarily interested in advertisements because they are not there [...]

What you need to know about Facebook Ads

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Facebook ads have a few similarities with Google Adwords, but they go beyond what Google can offer (at least up to this date). Facebook advertising is powerful because of how targeted it can be. Ads can be targeted at very specific groups, through things like living location, age, gender, workplace, interests and even relationship status. [...]

What are the types of Social Media?

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Social Media is a phrase that has been tossed around a lot these days. There is a lot of confusion around this term and what exactly is it? If Facebook is a social media site, and Delicious is a social media site and Wikipedia is one too, then what exactly is Social Media? This has [...]

Facebook Marketing 101 – Promoting Your Facebook Presence

After you’ve mastered and set up Facebook fan pages for your business, it’s time to promote your fan pages and identify ways to be found in real time search results. Is customer loyalty important to you? Have you ever wondered about which sources provide loyal visitors who will repeatedly return to your site? Chitika analyzed [...]

Social Media – 5 Great Tips For Your Business

Social media…There is plenty of buzz around it but, you may be wondering “What can it do for my business and more importantly, how can I utilise it in my business operations?” Well the best way to start to explain why you should be focused on Social Media is with a story. Think back to [...]