A Beginners Guide to Adwords!


his week I was doing a lot of training on Google Adwords so I thought I’d share what I’ve learned in my blog this week. We have a new client on board and he wanted a PPC Campaign set up so I was lucky enough to get some hands on practice with Google Adwords. When done properly PPC Campaigns can be very effective.

First things first you must get into the mindset of the searcher, what they are looking for and the search terms in which they use. Google Keywords Tool is a great tool to help you come up with the appropriate keywords. It gives you an indication of how many times a term is searched, how competitive the term is, the average cost per click and other relevant variants of that term.

Google Adwords – Refining Your Keyword List With The Most Efficient & Productive Keywords.


One of the most important and frequent tasks a PPC (Pay-Per Click) manager has is to be able to grow and refine keywords for any given PPC account.  In this weeks article I am going to describe an underused but extremely effective strategy that can be used to build a really efficient & productive keyword [...]

SEO: What Your Website Absolutely Needs

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This article will go over some of the most important elements that a page that hopes to get high research engine rankings needs. Make sure that you go through this while section very carefully as each of these can have a dramatic impact on the rankings that your website will ultimately achieve. Don’t focus solely on the home page, keywords and titles.

The first step to sales when customers visit your site to see the products they were looking for. Of course, search engine optimization and better rankings can’t keep your customer on your site or make them buy. The customer having visited your site, now ensure that he gets interested in your products or services and stays around. Motivate him to buy the product by providing clear and unambiguous information.

SEO & Keyword Research Selection: 3 Mistakes to Avoid.

In my last article I touched on some of the factors that make the process of keyword research so important. Following on from that I thought I would share with you some common mistakes people make when it comes to selecting their keywords to include in an SEO campaign.   A lot of people who [...]

The Importance of Keyword Research for Link Building:


  Last week I began the exciting process of developing a brand new SEO campaign for a new client. For this particular client the focus of my attention will be mostly on off – page SEO processes, mainly in the form of Link Building. In today’s post I will take you through a quick introduction [...]