The Changing Face of Metrics in Digital Marketing


As companies invest a greater portion of their branding budget in digital advertising, marketers are facing increased pressure to prove digital’s branding effectiveness both as a single channel and also in tandem with broader, traditional marketing channels. Many have quickly discovered that measuring a digital campaign’s success is no easy task. “Digital’s legacy of direct-response [...]

The ‘Measurability Factor’

Measurable Outcomes

The ‘Measurability Factor’   When I think of digital marketing & it’s key benefits one of the first things that springs to mind is the word ‘measurable’. In fact this powerful advantage is one of the main differences between digital marketing & it’s less quantifiable counterpart of traditional marketing. Indeed there is alot of evidence [...]

Website Structuring

Site Structure

Structuring of websites is an important aspect in terms of SEO. Not only in terms of generating a better link structure and capacity to help rankings but also it can generate and encourage traffic growth & enhance user experience and conversions. Site Structure can be divided up into 4 main sections, which are as follows; [...]

Google Website Optimizer

Google Website Optimiser

Driving traffic to a website is important. However, driving traffic does not guarantee conversions. Also it is important to understand how users are engaging with your site, your content & which content performs best. Your website may be generating thousands of visits a day but if these users are not engaging with the content or [...]

Where To Include Call To Actions In Online Marketing Campaigns:

As a marketer or a business owner it is essential to use effective call to actions in order to promote your products and services and to entice online users to take action with regards to your offers. In the context of online marketing a call to action is one of the most important tools needed [...]

Adwords Traffic: Improving Visitor Trust

adwords landing page optimisation

There is something you must understand about the kind of visitors Adwords traffic consists of: Most of the people coming to your website via Adwords Ads are First Time Visitors. They weren’t sent to your sales page by Affiliates recommending your product, or after reading a positive review – to these visitors you truly are a complete stranger. This is why Transparency is especially important for Sales Pages advertised on Adwords.