E-Commerce Tracking In Google Analytics

E-commerce Tracking

As Business Owners and webmasters of E-Commerce site, being able to determine where the majority of your revenue is coming from, the value of those purchases, what products your customers are buying, the number of purchase orders, the average order value and revenue from each of those purchases, total number of web-based sales, conversion rates [...]

PPC Quality Scores: What Are They & Why They Are So Important

One of them most import aspects that can have a major influence on the success or failure of your PPC campaign revolve around the issue of quality score ratings. Having top quality scores can make a real difference when it comes to reducing your costs and making your overall campaign more effective.   What is [...]

Google Analytics Real Time Feature

Google Analytics Real Time

Google Real Time, is a real time tracking feature in the Google Analytics Interface. Although the tool is still in Beta and providing limited capabilities, the tool allows you to see what website visitors are doing, to identify the number of active visitors, the number of pageviews, the top referrals, geographic locations, map insertions and [...]

Digital Marketing Seminars


Superior Internet Marketing also hold monthly seminars that are free to business owners. The seminars touch on a variety of digital marketing topics such as SEO Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Adwords Marketing, Introduction to Digital Marketing and Digital Marketing Trends. We here at Superior Internet Marketing believe that education and training is very important in this ever changing digital marketing environment.

Google Adwords – New Challenging Changes To PPC Ad Rotation

Google just recently announced a major change to their Adwords platform that will have significant impact on how your PPC ads will rotate and be served. There has been wide spread condemnation from advertisers and PPC managers about this controversial and fundamental new change. On April 30th Google announced on their official blog: “AdWords currently [...]

The Google Sandbox Effect

google sandbox

The Google Sandbox Effect is defined as the situation where the results of Google’s main ranking algorithms are initially inhibited when applied to a new property due to one or more temporal algorithm procedures taking effect. Put simply, when it’s obvious your recently launched site deserves a decent rank based on typical factors, but instead it’s nowhere to be seen.

The Importance of Using Effective Landing Pages for PPC Campaigns

Sending your pay per click (PPC) traffic to unique landing pages that are specifically designed and tailored for the promotion of your online marketing campaigns can be a great way to boost the overall performance of your online advertising campaigns. Many online advertisers when using PPC platforms make the mistake of directing all of their [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising

fb v adwords2

Facebook Advertising allows you to target a precise audience for your ad from an audience of up to 800 million people. The unique feature Facebook has is it lets you reach your target customers by selecting your audience based on age, location and interests. Facebook advertising is very cost effective. It allows you to set the daily budget you are comfortable with, adjust your daily budget at any time and you only pay when people click (CPC) or see your advert (CPM).

Automated Rules & Bidding In Google Adwords

Adwords Automated Rules Logo

What are Automated rules and bidding? Managing a Google Adwords account to its full potential can be a time consuming process. However, Adwords have a tab, referred to as “automate”, located on the interface, under the data over time graph and beside the tab more actions, which enables advertisers to manage their accounts easier, relieving [...]

Why You Should Be Running PPC campaigns on Googles Display Network.

Google Display Network

It really surprises me how reluctant some people are to consider using Google’s Display Network when it comes to running PPC advertising campaigns. A lot of people still seem to view the display network as being a more expensive platform then the Google search network to run an advertising campaign when in fact in the [...]

A Beginners Guide to Adwords!


his week I was doing a lot of training on Google Adwords so I thought I’d share what I’ve learned in my blog this week. We have a new client on board and he wanted a PPC Campaign set up so I was lucky enough to get some hands on practice with Google Adwords. When done properly PPC Campaigns can be very effective.

First things first you must get into the mindset of the searcher, what they are looking for and the search terms in which they use. Google Keywords Tool is a great tool to help you come up with the appropriate keywords. It gives you an indication of how many times a term is searched, how competitive the term is, the average cost per click and other relevant variants of that term.

Campaign Tracking In Google Analytics

Campaign Tracking

  Tracking marketing & campaign activity is very important for any business regardless of industry. Google Analytics tracks traffic to your website from two basic referring sources: •    organic – (direct, referral, search) •    paid When a user reaches your website from either one of these sources, the user is tagged with a campaign tracking [...]