10 Tips For Creating Effective Facebook Ads

facebook advertising tipsIf you decide to use Facebook ads, there a few things you should have in mind. First, you need to understand what Facebook is about. It is where people come to socialise with their friends, which can be compared to a coffee shop. Individuals are not necessarily interested in advertisements because they are not there for that, they are there to socialise. So you need to think to yourself, what these people would like to see if they were just sitting at a coffee shop. So your mission is to create relevant and appealing ads that would get you the sale without getting on people’s nerves. Your ads must engage users and direct marketing should be avoided. Below are some tips that can help you achieve the most from your ads.

As you know, people come on Facebook to talk to their friends, look at pictures and so on. They see a lot of information on one page, and the ads are usually displayed on the left, so how would you get somebody to notice your ad? Here are 10 tips for getting the best results from your Facebook ads:

1.       Use a picture that would stand out and test if catches people’s eyes. For Facebook ads, the image is the most important element for getting the clicks. It has been proven that ads with beautiful women do get more clicks. But before choosing a picture think if this will be relevant with what you are actually advertising.

2.       Don’t use Facebook colours, like blue, to avoid blending in. Use good colour contrast to stand out.

3.       Include buttons in your ads. Buttons encourage people to click on your ad. If you decide to include a button in your ad, it should be orange, red or another brighter shade, since these colours catch more attention.

4.       Avoid small things and squished images. The picture and text in the ad should be easily read and seen. Otherwise you will create the impression that you don’t know what you’re doing.

5.       Create an ad that will pose a question. Questions tend to grab attention and engage users to think and click the ad to find out more.

6.       The body text should make one big promise, but that promise has to be delivered on the landing page! In other words, don’t promise what you can’t deliver.

7.       Use proper writing, meaning- proper capitalisation, proper spelling and avoid slang.

8.       Don’t have incomplete thoughts in your ad. Finish your sentences completely.

9.       Don’t mislead people. For example, promising users something free in the ad and then on the landing page stating that they have to purchase something first before receiving the promised thing for free.

10.   Set up different ads and landing pages for different target groups. What may work and be interesting for one group won’t necessarily catch attention of the other group.

And finally, I will give you another “bonus” tip that you can use in your Facebook ad campaign. If you feel that the word limit is not enough and you want to say more, you can put extra words in the image, which will not be included in the word count. But make sure that these words are easy to read and do not overcrowd the image!

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    You get a lot of respect from me for writing these helpful artclies.

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