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Facebook advertisingFacebook marketing has become very famous these days due to its numerous benefits. There are thousands of business entrepreneurs who have started to see the major benefits of using Facebook as a marketing platform. Apart from using Facebook as a place to connect with, and interact with family and friends, you can also use facebook as a serious lead generation tool for your business.

Facebook is fast becoming one of the greatest resources for generating awareness of your brand in both a domestic and international markets. Because of the way Facebook works you can use it to very effectively segment who it is you want to get in front of with your brand or offer, that closely matches what those users are looking for. From there you can then begin building strong relationships with your prospects and customers also.

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Depending on what your offering or the marketplace you are targeting, will determine the level of traffic available to you. But you can definitely use Facebook to drive more and more traffic towards your brand and make it more popular all around the world.

The Facebook advertising platform can be very helpful in promoting your business. If you are running Facebook Ads one of the things that is unique to this ad platform is that once someone has clicked on your ad and “liked” your business page it will show up on their wall for everyone they are friends with to see. This is a really nice feature as you will see with this quick example. If you had an existing page with 100 fans and you decide to run an ad with a budget of €100 to be spread over a week. If the average cost of a click were €1 then you would be buying 100 clicks. From these clicks 25% “like” your page resulting in 25 new fans. Your 25 new fans all have an average of 130 friends. With those 25 new fans you will have your company with a direct “referral” to 3250 people. Out of those 3250 people statistics from Facebook shows that between 1% and 5% of those people will “like” your business because their friends do. So the €100 it cost you to get the initial fans will quickly turn into generating 163 referral friends.

So that is just one example of the potential return by using Facebook Advertising to promote your offer. There are many advantages to using the Facebook advertising platform. I have outlined a few of those advatages below.

Some of the other advantages of using the Facebook Ad platform is as follows:

  • Facebook ad descriptions can be up to 135 characters long (versus 75 at AdWords). So your ad description will be more complete.
  • In Facebook ads, it is easy to upload a small image along with your text, which helps drawing attention of your target user.
  • Facebook advertising helps you target keywords/interests and demographic much better.
  • Facebook traffic is more targeted.
  • Facebook advertising is easier to use than Google.
  • Birthdays are a special option in Facebook ads, enabling users to only see an ad on their birthday.
  • You have a choice of paying by click (CPC) or per 1,000 impressions (CPM).

From every standpoint available, it appears that Facebook will be here for a very long time. It is quickly becoming a force that influences the way a consumer shops, where and how they spend their euros, and it’s affording them options for researching businesses that they’ve never had available before. Using the Facebook Ad platform for your business – is an opportunity worth exploring.

If you are relatively new to utilizing Facebook’s advertising options, it’s always wise to spend a little down time to research their policies and procedures which could potentially help you avoid costly mistakes. In addition, it’s worth noting that Facebook is a bit notorious for implementing changes often, which can have an affect on the way you use it’s services, both professionally and personally.

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