Title Tags For Dummies: Getting the Basics Right


A key element of optimising your website is to ensure you get your title tags right as it is a fundamental component of any SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) campaign for getting your website ranked properly on the SERPS. It is critical to get your title tags correct as search engines use the text within a tag to determine what the content of a certain page is about. It also has the most SEO strength of all tags on the page in terms of establishing keyword relevance.


What is a Title Tag?

As the title suggests it is a title tag which defines the title of the web page. It operates as the click able link that appears on the SERPS (Search Engine Results Page) when your website appears in the rankings. They also appear on the top of a web browser when a user is visiting a specific page on your website. The tag essentially defines the title in the browser toolbar.


Best Practice

It is advisable to limit the characters of title tags to 65 characters as most search engines will not display past the aforementioned limit. In addition you must ensure that all title tags are relevant to the content of each specific page on your website. They must be unique, in addition to including the one or two keywords that you want the pages to rank for. In my example below I want to rank for Dublin Solicitors and Solicitors Dublin as these are the most likely search terms that users will be searching for in terms of seeking Dublin based solicitors.

Title Tag Example

The title tag is located in the header of the HTML document on your website. You can view it by right clicking on the browser, and clicking view page source. An example of how a title tag is viewed in html syntax is demonstrated below. The html title could be viewed on the page as follows:

<title>Dublin Solicitors| Solicitors| Solicitors Dublin</title>


It would be viewed in the SERPS as follows:


Dublin Solicitors | Solicitors | Solicitors Dublin


Benefits of Effective Title Tags


  1. In terms of SEO, having strong title tags is the 2nd most important attribute in ranking the page with after the URL of a web page.
  2. Placing the keywords in the title tag can have a good effect in the SERP’s. When a user sees your link in the SERPS, they can be heavily influenced to click on the link depending on what your keywords are.
  3. Title tags can be great for branding purposes.


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