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When it comes to online advertising, it is crucial that advertisers target the right audience, reach and communicate through the right mediums and channels and understand their target market behaviour and trends.

In media planning there are 3 key challenges;

  1. Reach = Finding enough sites that work for your campaign
  2. Relevance = Confident that sites being targeted are appropriate to your audience
  3. Insights = Where your audience is and is going on internet outside of obvious sites

DoubleClick Ad Planner addresses all three of these issues and through scale and technology provides data for millions of sites allowing advertisers find and target their audience quickly and efficiently.

What is DoubleClick Ad Planner

DoubleClick Ad Planner is a free media planning tool that can help you identify websites your audience is likely to visit so you can make better-informed advertising decisions. It is a tool which is essential for Googles Display network & PPC Campaigns.


Identify websites your target customers are likely to visit

  • Define audiences by demographics and interests.
  • Search for websites relevant to your target audience.
  • Access unique users, page views and other data for millions of websites from over 40 countries.

Easily build media plans for yourself or your clients

  • Create lists of websites where you’d like to advertise.
  • Generate aggregated website statistics for your media plan.


Why Use DoubleClick Ad planner

How DoubleClick Ad Planner works

DoubleClick Ad Planner helps you identify websites that are likely to attract your target audience. With DoubleClick Ad Planner you can define target audience, set criteria for sites you want to find and evaluate ad planner results that find sites that best meet your objectives. You can define your target audience by using a combination of geography, search keywords, demographics and commonly visited sites.  Set criteria for sites you want by selecting site category, ad specs and domain suffix.  Evaluate results through visualisation tools to find sites which best meet your criteria.

You can then review traffic, reach and other key data for each site to help you make informed decisions about where you might advertise. To make your research more efficient, DoubleClick Ad Planner automatically refreshes the site list when you enter, remove or edit audience definition criteria.

The DoubleClick Ad Planner account interface consists of:

  • A research page, where you can search for sites by name, audience and content.
  • A media plan page, where you can save your desired sites and placements for future reference.
  • A publisher’s page, where site owners can update their site information that’s displayed in DoubleClick Ad Planner.

In Ad Planner it enables you to search by site, placements and audience planning.


Search by Site

Searching by site is simple. You just enter the url address of the website and the country you wish to view the data for. You will then be presented with a vast amount of information, data and it will be presented in visual graphs. You can access data on traffic statistics such as the websites reach, number of page views, visits and average time on site.

You can analyse demographics such as age, gender, education, income and you can also access trends and behaviour such as keywords, relevant and similar sites used, and audience interests.


Search by Placement

Ad Planner also enables you to analyse websites and data based on placements. Here it gives you the option to segment your data on what you are looking for such as specific domains, topics, categories and locations and compare that data against how should your results be ranked such as audience match, audience reach and content match etc.

Once you are in the platform you can select and segment audiences based on geography, language, interests etc. You can also analyse content such as domain suffix, ad categories, ad specs etc.

Ad Planner also enables advertisers to build media plans and create targeted campaigns for clients, businesses and ensures structured, efficient monitoring and processes. It also has a lists tab where advertisers can put together a list of all the websites they see as being relevant overtime, which can assist advertisers in selection and targeting processes.


Are all websites included in DoubleClick Ad Planner?

Not all websites are included in DoubleClick Ad Planner. Sites might not appear in DoubleClick Ad Planner for a variety of reasons. For example, a site might not appear if it:

  • Has a traffic volume below a minimum threshold (to protect user privacy).
  • Used a robots.txt exclusion file to prevent indexing by Google.
  • Doesn’t meet Google’s Quality Guidelines

If your website does not appear in DoubleClick Ad Planner’s site research result’s can use the Publisher Centre provide specific data about your site. When you provide your information in the Publisher Centre: The Ad Planner Publisher Centre allows publishers to claim and update their site listing information to provide you with the most up to date and accurate information about sites.

  • Your data will be available to advertisers who specifically search for your URL
  • Only the data you provide in your publisher profile will be available in DoubleClick Ad Planner.

Currently, the Google DoubleClick Ad Planner is only available in English (although DoubleClick Ad Planner data comprises sites from over 40 countries). Google are looking forward to offering more options in the future.

Ad Planner is an extremely efficient tool which is free and can help enhance accuracy, performance and save money. Whether you’re looking to advertise online through banner advertisements or looking to enhance your affiliate marketing or Pay Per Click Advertising on Google Adwords Display Network performance, then Ad Planner is an essential piece of kit.




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