Why You Should Be Running PPC campaigns on Googles Display Network.

Google Display Network

It really surprises me how reluctant some people are to consider using Google’s Display Network when it comes to running PPC advertising campaigns. A lot of people still seem to view the display network as being a more expensive platform then the Google search network to run an advertising campaign when in fact in the majority of cases the complete opposite is true. When managed correctly Google’s display network has the potential to deliver great volumes of quality traffic to your website and at lower cost then your usual search network advertising Campaigns.

So what is the Display Network?

Formally known as the “Content Network”, Googles Display Network is the largest online advertising network in the world. It comprises of millions of high quality 3rd party websites, news sites and Google properties such as Gmail, Google Maps, Google Finance, Blogs, Youtube etc.

Through the use of Google’s Display Network contextual targeting options advertisers are able to display image ads on highly relevant websites and pages that fit in perfectly with their product or service.

The Main difference between the Display Network & Search Network.

On the search network when a user enters a search term, an advertisers ad will be triggered when the search term is matched by the keyword that is present within an advertisers campaign. With the search network advertisers can actively target people search queries to promote their products and services. Search based targeting is very conducive to people who might be in the final stages of the buying cycle and who ready to make a purchase. The search network only caters for text based ads.

Googles display network operates on a different premises. Typically with display image ads on the display network, people who see your ad are in a different stage of the buying cycle then users who are actively searching for information. Placing ads on the Google display network can be done in two ways: automatic and managed placements.

Using automatic placements your image based ads are delivered through a means of contextual targeting. This is whereby your image ads are targeted at websites that match or complements the theme of your particular ad groups and keywords. With automatic placements Google will place ads on websites that it deems relevant. It does this through a process of analysing the keywords in a particular ad group and will then place your ads on websites that are highly relevant to theme of your ad group.

It is also possible to relinquish the control that Google has over the targeting of your ads by utilising the display placement option. Here you can choose exactly what websites your ads will appear on. This option can give you ultimate flexibility and control over the delivery your ad placements. Also by using placement targeting you do not need to use keywords because you are in full control of your ad placements.

Benefits Of The Google Display Network.

• The Display Network is a cost effective. It is possible to run a campaign under the display network for a fraction of the cost that the search network can exude.

• The click through rates tend to be much less on the display network as people are usually not in buying mode when they see ads on websites they are viewing. However image ads have the capacity to include more information about the benefits and features within the ad copy then it is possible with normal text based ads. This can have a more positive impact on your conversion rates as a result and for less cost too.

• The network provides a “demographic bidding” option as well which can be used to help to target audiences of certain ages and gender.

• By being able to choose the exact websites you want to display your ads on, this can have a major impact on the success of your campaign. If you know that certain websites go hand in hand with your product or service optimising your campaigns to target such websites can see a huge serge in quality traffic that converts. Finding even one website that fits the bill could potentially provide a greater ROI opportunity hen any other of your other PPC campaigns.


Using the display network can be a powerful means of attracting quality traffic to your website. In order to make the most out of the display network you need to adopt a different approach to regular search. Online display advertising is all about getting the notice of people who browse websites. Having a good display advertising copy together with the right choice of ad placements can be a powerful combination that can contribute to a great ROI potential.

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