The Importance of Using Effective Landing Pages for PPC Campaigns

Sending your pay per click (PPC) traffic to unique landing pages that are specifically designed and tailored for the promotion of your online marketing campaigns can be a great way to boost the overall performance of your online advertising campaigns.

Many online advertisers when using PPC platforms make the mistake of directing all of their paid traffic to the home page of their website. In many respects this can be quite a fruitless exercise as quite often many of the keywords in your campaign will not be suitably served by the content that resides on your websites home page. Your websites homepage usually provides a top level site wide overview of what your website is about. It mainly serves as the generic entry point to your brand or business. Sending your PPC traffic to your home page especially for specific product or service search terms can result in poor message matches and low conversion rates. Where as a websites deeper inner pages i.e. product and category pages will often serve as better landing page destinations for specific keywords that are highly relevant to the products or services that you sell.

Sometimes you may find that even your deeper product and category pages may not be of sufficient quality in terms of high quality content, to divert your PPC traffic for those keywords that are a natural fit with those particular pages on your website. This is where building a special unique landing page that is specifically tailored to emphasise your products / service unique features and benefits, can be very useful in terms of improving conversion rates.

Unique Landing Page Case Study:

We recently had the opportunity to introduce some special landing pages for one of our clients who was running a Google Adwords campaign. PPC was the main source of online marketing that this client was engaged with at the time to promote their business. Prior to launching the new landing pages we were experiencing a few difficulties with some quality score issues on important keywords that were highly indicative of the service that this client was providing. We were also aiming to improve the conversion rate as we found that the PPC Traffic that was being diverted to the websites inner pages (product & service pages) was just not converting as much as we were hoping for. After re-optimizing theses inner pages we still found not a lot of relative improvement with our quality score issue.

Due to our clients budget constraints we knew that developing a new website or even re-developing the website was not an option. The solution we came up with was to design targeted landing pages that were in keeping and highly focused on the promotion of our client core services. After we launched the landing pages with all the necessary on page elements in place we noticed that the quality scores gradually improved. We also noticed that the design and features of the new landing pages were contributing to significantly higher conversion rates then we had previously experienced prior to their introduction.

Qualities of A Good Landing Page

Focus & Clear Message: Effective landing pages supply detailed information only about the specific product or service that is the focus of your promotion. Your copy should be presented in a manner to give your prospect a reason to take action or convert. The overall message should be kept simple and should be easily readable. The message should be backed up with compelling copy and design features that are also accessible in terms of a search engine optimisation friendly manner.

Clear Call to Actions: A landing pages sole purpose should be to focus on getting the user to take an action. You need to make it easy for visitors to act by using a clearly labelled, highly visible call to action, such as a click able button. (Research shows that red works the best!).

Important Page Display Elements – Above the Fold:

All the main information and the call to action should be visible “above the fold”, or without the need for scrolling down. That’s where users spend the most of the time on a page.

Top Quality Headline: The headline is the first thing that the user will see so this needs to be a top priority when it comes to channelling your message. The headline needs to be clear and concise and written in such as way that it invokes a response from the user.

Value Proposition: your landing page should thoroughly demonstrate your product or services unique benefits and features. You need to demonstrate what is unique about your offer and different to what your competitors are providing.

No matter what you are selling landing pages that exude the above characteristics are the ones that will prove to be the most successful in getting visitors to convert.

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