Using Questions and Answers on LinkedIn to Market your Online Business

using Linkedin answersOne of the best ways to establish yourself as an expert in your niche besides blogging daily is to answer questions on has an “answer” area where all the questions asked within various groups, both opened and closed, are listed if you do a search with your keywords in the answer category.

Choose the questions you want to answer carefully. Pick a question that you truly know the answers to like you know your own handwriting. If you’re not sure about something skip it and move on to a different question.

Research your answers to ensure accuracy if you’re not 100% sure about something. It’s okay not to know something but it’s not really okay to post erroneous information. A good example is that recently on a popular work at home message board someone asked about taxes and self employment. She received about 15 to 20 answers, but upon reading them, 99 percent of the answers were wrong.

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Craft your response outside of the system in Word or Open Office so that you can check your grammar and spelling. Answering questions on needs to be taken more seriously than some forums and discussion boards because it is a professional network. A higher standard is expected on than many other places on the net. Use good grammar, spell correctly, and answer as truthfully and as factually as possible.

Try to spend about 15 minutes per day answering questions on In addition, you can use the system to ask questions that are designed to get participation from group members. You can use questions as a way to help you know what to blog about, write about, and even help you create new information products for your online business. The best products are the ones that your clients and potential clients wanted you to create.

Automate some of the process on by putting a LinkedIn widget or button your website or blog. Connect your account with Twitter and share your blogs by including a feed on you home page on A really helpful way to do this if you have multiple blogs is to create one more website that simply feeds all your blogs into one page, then put that feed into your profile.

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