Facebook’s Timeline: Insider Tips on working your way around the new Timeline

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What is it? Timeline is a completely new webpage design from Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg CEO announced the new design at their annual conference last year. He said: “Millions of people curate stories of their lives on Facebook every day and have no way to share them once they fall off your profile page…we have been [...]

Facebook Marketing With The Help of Enhanced Statistical Tools

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Facebook is one of the leading websites for social networking in the international market. This website is being used by over millions of users from every corner of this globe. Not only by youngsters, but numerous business owners have also started using this social networking website. They mainly focus on this website with the core [...]

LinkedIn Marketing for Business 7 Actions to Take Now

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1. Create a Profile – When you create your LinkedIn profile make sure you fill it all the way out. Include everything you can to ensure that you have a professional sounding and looking profile. Include a professional headshot, your resume, your experience, what you do now, and feed your professional blog into your profile page.

2. Import Contacts – After you’ve finished creating your profile all the way, import your contacts and then choose the ones you want to add to your connections. Choose your connections wisely. More connections is not always better. You want colleagues, and your target market to connect with you. So, don’t just add anyone, be choosey.

Where To Include Call To Actions In Online Marketing Campaigns:

As a marketer or a business owner it is essential to use effective call to actions in order to promote your products and services and to entice online users to take action with regards to your offers. In the context of online marketing a call to action is one of the most important tools needed [...]

Learn The Benefits of Facebook Marketing

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Facebook marketing has become very famous these days due to its numerous benefits. There are thousands of business entrepreneurs who have started to see the major benefits of using Facebook as a marketing platform. Apart from use Facebook as a place to connect with and interact with family and friends, you can also use facebook as a serious lead generation tool for your business.

Facebook is fast becoming one of the greatest resources for generating awareness of your brand in both a domestic and international market. Because of the way Facebook works you can use it to very effectively to segment who it is you want to get in front of with your brand or offer, that closely matches what those users are looking for. From there you can then begin building strong relationships with your prospects and customers also.

Successful Online Networking with LinkedIn

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Social media networking, online networking, forum networking — You’re supposed to do a little networking on a daily basis, but are you placing your concentration in the wrong place? If you spend most of your day on Facebook instead of using LinkedIn, yes you are. LinkedIn.com is an online professional networking site that should not be ignored. Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites are fine to participate in, but no other is as professional as LinkedIn.com.

Facebook Ads for Market Research

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There’s been heavy buzz about Facebook ads – and with good reason. Created properly, they can be an effective tool in rocketing your popularity like a meteor, or branding your business.

But almost no one talks about using Facebook ads in reverse – as a source of valid ideas for market research.

Think about it. If a subject is on Facebook, and it’s got an ad, it’s likely viable. Are there groups? Fans? Often you can find out exactly how many Facebook fans a strong group or website in your niche actually has.

You can also see if people are actually interested in a particular product; how passionate they are about the subject; and what age group, gender, education background and more its members display in their profile.

Using Questions and Answers on LinkedIn to Market your Online Business

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One of the best ways to establish yourself as an expert in your niche besides blogging daily is to answer questions on LinkedIn.com. LinkedIn.com has an “answer” area where all the questions asked within various groups, both opened and closed, are listed if you do a search with your keywords in the answer category.

Choose the questions you want to answer carefully. Pick a question that you truly know the answers to like you know your own handwriting. If you’re not sure about something skip it and move on to a different question.

10 Tips For Creating Effective Facebook Ads

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If you decide to use Facebook ads, there a few things you should have in mind. First, you need to understand what Facebook is about. It is where people come to socialise with their friends, which can be compared to a coffee shop. Individuals are not necessarily interested in advertisements because they are not there [...]

What you need to know about Facebook Ads

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Facebook ads have a few similarities with Google Adwords, but they go beyond what Google can offer (at least up to this date). Facebook advertising is powerful because of how targeted it can be. Ads can be targeted at very specific groups, through things like living location, age, gender, workplace, interests and even relationship status. [...]

What are the types of Social Media?

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Social Media is a phrase that has been tossed around a lot these days. There is a lot of confusion around this term and what exactly is it? If Facebook is a social media site, and Delicious is a social media site and Wikipedia is one too, then what exactly is Social Media? This has [...]

5 Guidelines for Off-Page Optimisation


In my last Blog post I explained On-Page Optimisation and what needs to be done on your website for it to be fully optimised. So now I will talk more about Off-Page Optimisation, which as I said accounts for 70% of your Search Engine Optimisation. So if you want to appear on the first page [...]